So many papers! As a Writing Center peer tutor, the end of the year definitely gets hectic. Good luck to everybody writing those final essays! Only two more weeks..

Grace McCrocklin ‘16



Don Teku et Les Dix Amigos - All of us wore Teku’s hat on the top of a mountain in Bamenda, and tried to best capture our personalities with a photograph!

From the top left to right: Chris, Molly, Nora, Sam, Austin, Sofie, Angeline, Carson, Tabea and me!

I wouldn’t have chosen to go abroad with any other people. Check out Graye’s blog for more wonderful pictures of our time in Cameroon.

- Carson ‘15

Working on a group project on the Quarry Trellis this afternoon. The weather has been absolutely on point for days.

Nick ‘16

The final push is here! Only three more weeks of classes before finals arrive… And then.. Summer!

- Sena Agawu ‘15

The busy Dickinsonian’s Sunday to-do list

(Leah ‘14)

Wednesday night, Steven Rodriguez ‘14 and Henry Kumi ‘14 alongside a host of other Dickinsonians organized a philanthropy wine tasting event, co-hosted by Scroll and Key, to raise money for Inspirational Medicine. The charity was started by Dickinson Alum Coleman Bass and has really taken a strong presence in our community. It’s exciting to see the growth this wonderful organization has had and the promising future ahead. A large round of applause goes to IBNM Professor Steve Erfle, a former professional in the wine industry, for running an informative and entertaining tasting - the goal of which was to determine whether or not we could distinguish boxed from bottles wine. Turns out, as Steve would explain, there are many good boxed wines out there. Who woulda known? Cheers!

Alex ‘14 Club Lax # 41

(Sung as though I’m Julie Andrews) the Hills are aliveeeee, with the sound of…furniture?

All of the students are SO excited, because it officially feels like spring outside, and facilities has put the furniture back on Britton plaza. “Happy” by Bruno Mars is playing on somebody’s speaker and it totally describes how I’m feeling today! Happy spring!

Grace McCrocklin ‘16

What a weekend! It started with the Idea Fund’s TED Talk-inspired lecture, OCTI, which asked two professors and two students how they define success (top left). Afterwards I went to the spring concert for the jazz band and DICE (Dickinson Improvisation and Collaboration Ensemble) (top right). The best part of the weekend was seeing my friend Fred Schlick ‘14 present his senior voice recital and my friend Holly Kelly ‘15 present her junior voice recital. Didn’t she look stunning?! So how was your weekend?

Aaron ‘15

While there are a lot of places in the town of Carlisle that I love, I’d have to say during the springtime I’m especially ready for a coffee and a light salad and sandwich from the Back Door. This cozy little restaurant serves delicious Mediterranean food and has the best homemade desserts. A must for any Dickinson student!

(Leah ‘14)

Alright, let me just tell you a little bit about being off campus, because I could write 100 blog posts about it, and still not encompass my entire time being away from Dickinson for a year. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly have my nostalgic days of wanting to be on campus, where I miss my groups of friends, my club team, my professors, and how beautiful campus is, but I also wouldn’t trade my time here in Bremen, Germany for the world. Everyone says that your time abroad is where you find yourself, I’ll be the first to admit, I had no idea what that meant. Why did living in a foreign country for an extended period of time all of a sudden reinvent the person you were. Well turns out it did. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still me, but me with a new perspective. I see the world differently, from the way I interact with people to how I deal with stressful situations. I soak up every opportunity I can here because it’s not easy. Adjusting to cooking for myself, going grocery shopping, budgeting, making a whole new group of friends, and attempting to master a foreign language are just a few of the challenges I have faced and still continue to face. But the traveling, the sights, the food, the people, the culture and the new me have made up for the struggles. Every day is a new adventure and I love it. I couldn’t image in a better time in my life and I am grateful for every second that I am here. I am still in disbelief that I only have another 4 and half months left here. Time has gone by so quickly and I know I am not ready for it to end. But alas, I am growing each day as a person and for me, that is why Bremen, Germany is my favorite place off campus.


Taking English class outside of the classroom…Frank O’Hara in the caf. People are staring but we like it.

(Leah ‘14)

My (new) favorite place on campus, Pole Steeple! It’s a ridge that’s part of a state park about 15 minutes south of campus, and my Earth History class went today for our lab. The views were stunning, and the climb was actually a really good workout. Plus, gotta love Professor Marcus Key!

Grace McCrocklin ‘16

My favorite place off campus is Little Amps Coffee Roasters in Harrisburg. It’s where we get the coffee for the Peddler, so I visit with the other Peddler baristas pretty often (like twice a week, because I’m obsessed). It’s probably the coolest place in the country.

Nick ‘16

Off Campus - Food!

When posed with the question, “where is your favorite place off campus?” my mind immediately goes to food. I spent an entire semester off campus where I often found myself craving some of the Carlisle’s fine dining. There are so many amazing off campus restaurants and tasty treats in the community that it’s hard to pick just one! So, to highlight some of the greats, I chose to focus this post on three differing food options: one sweet place, one savory place, and one of our hidden gems. 

Sweet: Leo’s Ice Cream. In honor of the beautiful Carlisle weather today, my girlfriends and I decided to make an afternoon trip to Leo’s Homemade Ice Cream. This place is nationally known for their creamy blends of cold treats. Flavors range from classics such as mint chocolate chip to cornbread (surprisingly delicious!). My favorite? Salted Caramel :)

Savory: Most people would go with the classic Carlisle staple, Cafe Bruge, but I want to highlight my favorite noodle shop Issei. Issei is a family run restaurant nestled comfortably on High Street. The homestyle atmosphere and delicious aroma of spicy and saucy noodles and soups makes this place a must. Best appetizer: fresh spring rolls. My favorite entree: Yaki Udon. If you’re feeling adventurous, make sure to try the Thai tea - it’s sweet, creamy, with hits of exotic spices. 

Hidden Gem: Redd’s Smokehouse. Redd’s is relatively new to it’s location on Hanover, but the small BBQ restaurant has won the hearts of Dickinson students as well as the Carlisle Community. Mouthwatering homemade BBQ sauces, slow cooked pulled pork, and salty seasoning make for quite the meal. Their sides are amazing too! Creamy mac n’ cheese, buttery cornbread, and seasoned french fries… yum. 

Be sure to check out some of the other amazing off campus dining options! There are more than 33 non-chain restaurants in a three block radius from campus. 

Maddie Eggers ‘15 

Writing Center tutors Kat Swantak and Courtney Helt welcome spring with their bright outfits! Kat spent last semester in France, and developed a love of black ensembles, so we fellow tutors were shocked!

Grace McCrocklin ‘16