The Media Center assistants got introduced to the brand new Maker Space, “The Makery,” in the basement of Bosler today! There’s so much cool stuff to do…will post more when I work tomorrow night!

-Nick ‘16

I really should be either sleeping or packing, seeing as I move back to Dickinson in t-minus 12 hours. However, I find myself sitting on my floor with my cat rather annoyingly kneading my leg like bread dough, thinking more about this impending senior year than actually preparing for it. I really only just moved back to the states less than 2 weeks ago and these past few days have been a blur. I miss Germany like crazy and I’m already planning my return, however there are a few great things about being home

  1. Food. 
  2. Friends/Family.
  3. Felines.

Those three things are pictured above and they make my life a much better place when they are around (especially the chipotle, I guess family isn’t too bad either ;) 

But I keep thinking "Where did these three years go?" I’m not sure if I’m ready or not but senior year, here we go. 



Saying goodbye to Freshman Grover: The top ID taken on move in day 2012, the bottom ID taken this morning. Two years of college down, two to go 

Got a new ID today!

-Nick ‘16

[My Dad’s name tag from move in yesterday.] My parents are super proud to be Dickinson Parents.

-Nick ‘16

President Roseman greets all the new legacy students of the class of 2018 and their families on Mooreland Lawn at the Legacy Lunch! Dickinson now has 2 Baileys on campus!

Nick ‘16

Spotted on Drayer 3rd Floor. Love it!

Welcome Pre-O First-Years!

-Aaron ‘15

It’s a beautiful day to move some First Years into Drayer!

-Nick ‘16

Two more hours to Dickinson!

Isabel ‘15

Having dinner at Cafe Bruges tonight with my roommate, Solai! The delicious Belgian food is bringing back serious memories from my trip to Brussels during my time abroad earlier this summer!

-Jessica ‘15

Hey everyone! Sorry for my absence on the blog, slow wifi in Cameroon didn’t make it easy. I’m packing up right now for my senior year at school (um, what, in denial) and I figured I should get back to blogging. Here’s a picture of us performing our African dance in Cameroon at our end of the year party. We hope to perform it on campus this fall so stay tuned! :) hope everyone is having a relaxing end to their summer.

- Carson ‘15

Hola! Bonjour! Shalom! Hello!

Hi! I’m Jessica, and I’m so excited to be a part of the Student Stories blog! It’s definitely going to be a ton of fun.

As for introductions… this will be my senior year at Dickinson, and my major is Psychology. I absolutely love the Psych Department and all the professors, and hope to go into child psychology, working with kids who have Learning Disabilities and ADHD. Outside of class, I’m a member of the psych club; have a cabinet position in my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta; get involved with Hillel here and there; and am a Liberty Cap Society Tour Guide for Admissions. I’m actually working in the Admissions Office now as a summer tour guide (blogging from Michelle’s desk no big deal)!

As you can probably tell from the picture of me below, I’m from Baltimore, Maryland, where we LOVE our Old Bay seasoning. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Old Bay is a crab/ seafood seasoning, but we Marylanders put it on everything…and I mean everything. French fries, scrambled eggs, chicken wings, you name it. I’m such an Old Bay fan, I even made myself an Old Bay Halloween costume last year.

Anyway, I can’t wait to share my senior year with you! Between working on an independent study this fall, preparing for life after Dickinson (nooo!!!), and all the other important moments and traditions to come, I guarantee we’ll be in for a great time! 

-Jessica Snydman, ‘15

When you go abroad…

I feel as though every time I have written a blog post for this tumblr, I start off with some form of apology. This post really should be no different as I have been on a mild blogging hiatus for the past couple of months, I believe my last (un-prompted post) was in March. But I swear, this is entirely my fault. As many of you will discover when you go abroad whether it be for a semester of a year, the life of your new home takes hold of you, in an all encompassing way. I have now been in Germany for almost a whole year, literally. I arrived in Germany August 30th of 2013 and it is now August 3rd 2014. Seriously, where has the time gone. As I am sitting here and writing this post, I realize that I am putting off writing my final papers, packing and cleaning, all things that can be accomplished in time but I’ve been doing a bunch of reflecting on my time abroad and I needed to share somewhere how much this experience has meant to me. Trust me, when the time comes I am sure there will be a sappy Facebook post, tweets and an Instagram photo or two that will share my feelings with the world about how much I don’t want to go home and how Germany has my heart forever. But I wanted to write something with a little more substance, so why not put it on tumblr? Don’t feel like you have to read this whole thing, but hopefully it provides some insight to my experience and what it means to go abroad. 

The Kline Expansion looks pretty sweet after dark. Just look at the Red Devils Red accents along the benches (Opens August 6)

-Nick ‘16

Today’s #tbt is brought to you by my coffee addiction/obsession/passion. The first photo is actually a throwback from a StuStories post I made in February 2013, midway through my first year. I was totally dependent on my automated coffee maker back in the day (as my caption below alludes to). Little did I know that I would be moving on the bigger, better, and prettier coffee things. The second photo is me at The Peddler in September 2013, and the third photo is my Chemex circa two weeks ago.

Good Morning, Student Stories! A word of advice to all the coffee-dependent students like myself out there: a programmable coffee maker is the best investment I’ve ever made. There’s nothing like a pre-made fresh pot coffee to get you out of bed in the morning. 

-Nick ’16 (February 2013)

Peace and love, y’all!

-Nick ‘16

(Looking down High St. into Downtown Carlisle post-summer storm. Taken 7.29.2014 outside Denny Hall)

Nick ‘16

p.s. I almost died taking this photo #worthit