Where in the World are the Treekids? #6


Check out Sam Kilburn 17’ who will be moving into the Treehouse for his first semester this Fall!


"This summer I’m working for the White Mountain Professional Trail Crew in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. As a crew of 15 we maintain all of the Appalachian Mountain Club’s trails in the White Mountains. For the first three weeks of the summer we hiked all of the trails and chopped out all of the trees that had fallen on the trail. Now we are busy clearing new trail and building rock staircases and rock water bars.

Trail Crew lifestyle has been a big shift for me, but now that I am adjusted it’s wonderful. We wake up at 6am every morning, work for ten hours and then fall asleep before it’s dark out. The work is very physically demanding, but the challenge is met by all crewmembers. Often we hike over 20 miles per day or carry 100+ pounds on our backs.

On our days off we’re usually found at Pinkham Notch working on our axes or greasing our boots. If we’re not at Pinkham we’re probably swimming in the Saco River or getting ice cream in Gorham.

If you’re ever in the White Mountains look for us on the trail! 




Where in the World are the Treekids? #5


Check out Jackie Goodwin 17’!


"Hey everyone! I’ll be living in the treehouse for the first time this Fall. For the summer, I am living with my Aunt’s family on Southport Island, next to Boothbay, Maine. I recently started working at an art gallery in downtown Boothbay with a local artist who does original oil pantings. As her employee, I have helped to redesign the gallery and I’m currently in training to run it on my own. The artist also owns an arts cooperative next door where we sell anything from doormats made of recycled lobster lines to Maine cookbooks. Many people here are into using local and repurposed material for their art which is super sustainable and fun to see. When I’m not working, I like to spend my time biking and hiking around the island, taking the dog down to the beach, or hanging around my uncle’s boat yard. While I’m having an amazing time up here, I can’t wait to get back on campus and live the treehouse life. See everyone soon! "


Where in the World are the Treekids? #7


Check out Kenze Burkhart 15’.



"Hey everyone! My name is Kenze and this fall will be my fourth semester in the treehouse! 

I’m currently studying abroad in Italy, a short train ride from Pisa, at an Archaeological field school run by The Ohio State University and the University of Pisa! I’ll be here for a total of 6 weeks excavating at the site of a medieval church and monastery. The general focus of the school is Bioarchaeology, which means we focus mainly on the age, sex, social status, and diet of individuals in hopes of learning more about the residents of Badia Pozzeveri.

The section of the site that I am working on is the Northern cemetery. This area of the cemetery has two main phases: Medieval (11th-14th century) and Modern (19th century). The modern section contains burials from the 1855 cholera epidemic, which we are hoping will provide us with some insight into the spread of the disease across Europe!

I have also had the opportunity to travel to other parts of Italy such as Florence, Venice, and the Italian Alps!

It is an incredible experience! The photo included above is the first burial I had the privilege of working on! 




Check out Christine Burns 14’.


"Hey everybody! I’m Christine. I just graduated from Dickinson after living in the Treehouse for four semesters. (how the time flies!) I’m spending my summer up in Wells, Maine working for the Fish and Wildlife Service at a local National Wildlife Refuge. I…

Sunday morning brunch at Fay’s!

Nick ‘16

Bluegrass on the Grass is a bluegrass festival held on the Academic Quad that brings thousands of people to campus every summer, and it’s today, and it’s pretty awesome.

Nick ‘16

This morning I took a break from giving tours and took a tour of the sustainable, native gardens on campus with Master Gardener Extraordinaire, Ann Dailey. The group is outside Kaufman looking at a “no mow” (no carbon emission) meadowed garden.

Nick ‘16


Summer tour guides playing the visitor geography game. Michelle reads the city/town and they guess the state (or country) of origin. Alexa killed it today and gets to choose the tour she leads tomorrow. Better luck next time everyone else!

Yesterday was our first Discover Dickinson Day of the summer (and also, unfortunately, my penultimate day of summer tour guiding). Prospective students and their parents took campus tours, sat in on info sessions, ate lunch in the dining hall, and had the option to participate in a group interview. It was really busy and about 90 degrees, but the day was a lot of fun!

Top left: exploring the darkroom in Weiss with a prospective student (I spend so much time in that building but I had never seen the darkroom before!)
Top right: Lexi ‘17 and a prospective student in the Admissions Office
Middle: an info session for students and parents in Rubendall Recital Hall
Bottom: the four summer tour guides (left to right: Ian ‘16, Lexi ‘17, Matt ‘16, and me)

- Isabel ‘15


Check out returning Treekid Lexie Raczka ‘15! Lexie will be returning home to the Treehouse after spending a semester studying in Denmark.

Although back in the US Lexie has not stopped with the traveling. She is spending her summer in Illinois as the Outreach Intern with the Liberty Prairie…


Check out future Treekid Kirsten Walsh 17’! She’ll be moving into the house this Fall.


"This summer I am doing some traveling..In May I went with the Dickinson Field Hockey team to Ireland where we toured the country while playing different Irish teams! It was lots of fun to be able to…

Nothing says summer like a spontaneous frozen custard trip to Massey’s followed by a short hike at Waggoner’s Gap! Note to self: eating rapidly melting ice cream in the back seat of a convertible is NOT a good idea. (From left to right: Alex ‘17, Matt ‘16, Lexi ‘17, and me)

- Isabel ‘15

This past Friday through Sunday was Alumni Weekend here at Dickinson. Alumni from as far back as the class of 1951 came to campus, lived in the dorms, and attended a whole bunch of different events. All of the student workers for the weekend were given a list of things to take pictures of and post with the tag #dsonalum. Unfortunately, I only managed to capture 8 of the 21 items: 

  • A photo of you and [at least] 2 other student workers in your t-shirts (from left to right: John ‘14, me, Ben ‘14, and Ian ‘16)
  • A class gift check
  • A photo of an alumnus checking in at the registration center
  • A golf cart (driven by Ian ‘16)
  • The Peddler
  • A photo of Old West with alumni in front of it
  • The Glee Club
  • Alumni on Britton Plaza

Being on campus for Alumni Weekend as a current student was a really cool experience. It was great to see how the friendships that these Dickinson alumni made during their time here have lasted for years, and that they all love coming back to reconnect with each other and the campus.

For more pictures from the weekend, check out the Dickinson College Storify page!

- Isabel ‘15


Wondering what the Treekids are up to this summer? Follow our blog as we share their stories! Check out our first story, Michaela Shaw 16’.



"I’m Michaela, and I will be living in the Treehouse fall 2014! This summer I’m keeping pretty busy. I work on a new food truck called HEART Food…


Anonymous asked:

how does rushing work on campus? i'm interested in joining a sorority but i'd like to hear more about how the process works.


Hey! I’m Grace, a rising Junior that joined Greek life this year.

To answer your question, it’s a pretty simple process. As a freshman, starting this year you’ll go through recruitment in January. You’ll fill out an information form and pay a registration fee online- this guarantees you’ll be part of the recruitment process.

Actual recruitment is spread out over a week. You’ll have an info session, where you get a packet that tells you what you’ll be doing each day, a bit about each sorority, and where you meet your Rho Gamma. RG’s are girls that have disaffiliated from their respective organizations for recruitment, and are there to help girls going through the process. You’ll also find out the schedule for your Rho Gamma group: each “round” has two nights/days, and your RG will tell you which day you’ll attend each one.

The first two nights are “Welcome Rounds”: you visit each of the four organizations and learn the basics about who they are. The second two nights are Philanthropy rounds: you learn about each organization’s specific philanthropy, as well as get some preliminary information on dues. After this night, you start to decide where you feel like you fit. The third set of meetings is called invitation night- you can get invited to up to three sororities, and you visit each one individually instead of with your Rho Gamma groups. Again, you continue to rank your preferences. Finally, you have Pref night, where up to two organizations can invite you. After this night, you have to rank your two choices.

Our recruitment works on a mutual selection process, and once everybody’s (the girls’ going through recruitment and the sororities’) choices are uploaded into a system, you go through Bid day, and find out which organization gave you a bid. That begins New Member Education, the period before Initiation.

I know that’s a tonnnn of information at once, but just know that you’ll have help during the entire process, and you really will end up exactly where you’re supposed to be. If you have any more specific questions, feel free to email me! mccrockg@dickinson.edu. Hope this helps!

-Grace McCrocklin ‘16